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Livvy and Rose brings you the latest ladies fashion accessories, scarves, jewellery and bags. 


Award Winning Livvy and Rose!

Jill Rowbotham


Last week I was officially handed our #SBS Award from Theo Paphitis! We won the competition last year and received our winners certificate at the annual #SBS winners event in Birmingham.

#SBS is a competition set up by Theo (from TV’s Dragon’s Den) for small businesses. Each Sunday small business owners can tweet Theo about their businesses and tell him why they deserve to win. Theo reviews all the entries and retweets the winning tweets to his 490,000 followers. I was really surprised to hear that there have been over 370,000 #SBS applications since it was founded in October 2010 and just 2,500 winners have been chosen, that means less than 1% pf applicants win!

Being an #SBS winner means you are a member of a fantastic network of small businesses and all winners are invited to the annual #SBS even where you can meet he man himself. The #SBS event for me was very inspiring and informative. I saw some fantastic speakers and presentations and came away from the event feeling motivated and with lots of ideas for Livvy and Rose. 2019 should be an exciting year for us so watch this space!